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Reseller API documentation

1.Download the zipped file Click here .... Last updated 3 November 2018 (Php Vestion 7.1 and 7.2)

1b.Download the zipped file Click here .... Last updated 2 September 2018 (Php Vestion 5.6 and 7.0)

2. In your own installation of whmcs, look for the folder ../modules/registrars/

3. Upload and extract the module there. Ensure it is inside the folder called registrars

Note: The name of the registrar module is sungura

3. Open a ticket to have an API key generated and Sent to you

4. Now, log onto the admin section of your whmcs

5.Go to Setup → Products/Services → Domain Registrars and activate module.

Set credentials for the API connection.

User Email: client area email address
API Key: Provided

Additional code Click here

API Restriction GuideClick here


1.Ensure that payment you select Payment Method

2. Your account with needs to have money

3. You make order and your system will trigger the transaction, copy the same details from your whmcs to your account with us

4. You add money via "Add funds" in your client area.

5. Add funds only works if you have at least one active domain

6. When you send a receipt from your system, will automatically renew / register the domain